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Singer-Songwriter and Producer, JOIE GREY, is a  Contemporary R&B and Pop artist based out of Atlanta. Born Jonathan Green in Montgomery, Alabama, he learned to play several instruments  under the instruction of his Grandmother and Mother, both professional musicians. He also became an accomplished dancer through imitating the moves of Michael Jackson and eventually studying modern professionals in Hip-Hop and Contemporary dance.

In 2016, Green released his independently created debut album, ODDyssey to Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. He released BINARY, also independently created, in May of 2018 which mixes electronic sounds with modern Pop/R&B  rhythms. 

Under the influence of musical and artistic juggernauts such as Kanye West and Frank Ocean, Green teamed up with a new team and new producers to forge a newer, different sound and image. At the start of 2019, He became JOIE GREY and began working on his first commercial release under the new title. The project, CASCADE, is a summary of the musical journey that molded Green into artist that he currently is. Pulling from other music genres including Electronica and Hip-Hop, CASCADE is a message to prove that Green belongs in the ever changing musical climate and that he can make an impact.